Command list

Here you will find a list of commands which are not displayed under it's own category.
Commands you see here are available to all players on the server. You may unlock additional commands with a Voting rank (/rankup) or Premium ranks which can be found on our store: Commands for these ranks are displayed separately in a GUI and on the store.

General commands

Good to know: It's possible to get paid commands for free just voting the server daily. Go on section vote for more info.
  • /help ━ Gives essential info about everything
  • /sethome <name> ━ Creates a home at your current location
  • /delhome <name> ━ Removes a home
  • /home <name> ━ Travels to the desired home location
  • /homes ━ Lists names of your homes
  • /tpa ━ Ask teleportation to an user
  • /tpaccept ━ Accept a teleportation request
  • /tpdeny ━ Deny a teleportation request
  • /money ━ View your money
  • /salary ━ Get your daily reward