Important knowledge regarding server economics
The economy of this server is based entirely on players. The purchase prices are decided by them for each item thanks to the Bazaar and auctions.


A daily salary is available starting from the Educated + rank. By executing the command / salary you will have the possibility to receive large sums of money daily. The higher your rank, the higher the amount of money you receive!


Thanks to the bank (available from the Merchant rank) you can secure your money from inflation by receiving 5% interest every week. If you deposit $ 1M, you will receive $ 50k the next week. You can access the bank via command or via NPC. The NPC is located at the /warp Bank.


Do you want to sell something quickly to online players? You can do it thanks to auctions. Receive the money as soon as the item is sold. If you are buying from an auction, remember to redeem the item after purchase. /warp Auctions


The Bazaar is a commodity market, where players may buy and sell commodity items for a price determined by market demand and supply. Items tradable in the Bazaar cannot be sold on the Auctions.


You can access the shop doing /warp shop or with /shop. The general shop has everything you'll need to buy or sell! Be aware prices changes based on the law of demand and supply!