Votes support the server and give you advantages
Votes are very important for the server as they move it up in the rankings on the server lists. If the server goes up in ranking, more players will play that's why we reward you for every single vote. Each day you will be able to vote 7 different sites.
For each vote you will receive a vote key that you can use at /warp crates to receive all kinds of rewards. What's more, by reaching a defined number of votes you will go up in rank, which will give you special permissions and rewards.
The way to vote depends on the version:

Java Edition

With java edition you just need to type /vote and open every link, then insert your nickname and click vote on every website!

Bedrock Edition

We are working hard to make voting from bedrock easier. Currently, however, you need to enter the Discord server and go to the #announcements section and open the links from another device. The following actions will be as in the java edition.