War and peace.
As announced you will be able to create a faction as soon as you rise to Paesantry rank.

Why should I create or join a faction?

There are several reasons, the main one being the claim. As the leader of a faction you can decide which areas of territory will be under your control. In the claimed areas no one else outside the faction will be able to build or smash, with a few exceptions. To set a location to your faction you simply do /f sethome and anyone in your faction will be allowed to teleport there. On the other hand, if you are a member of a faction, your faction will probably have a location that you can reach with /f home

Factions Ranks

There are different ranks each with their own administration permissions: leader, coleader, mod, member and recruit. When you invite a player into the faction, their rank will start from member! Commands: /f leader (player) /f coleader (player) /f mod (player) /f member (player) /f recruit (player)

How the claim works?

Each player has a "power" score of up to 10. By staying active and alive you will increase your power, but if you die you will lose it. You can control your power with the command /f power
The manner in which the claim operates is peculiar in that it is based on the "power" score of the entire faction (/f show). For each power point you will be able to claim a chunk. Be careful though, if you have more chunks claimed than power points your faction will be at risk of grief.


You can have different kinds of relationships between the various factions... Here they are listed:
  • Neutral It's the default relation you have with all factions, you can set it with /f neutral (name)
  • Ally Allies will not be able to hit and grieve each other. You can ask to be ally with /f ally (name)
  • Enemy It is the best way to communicate your disagreement, you can set it with /f enemy (name)
  • Truce Communicate to a faction that you want to have a truce, maybe after a long war! You can ask with /f truce (name)
To manage relations you'll need to be at least a moderator of the faction!

Commands Info

/factions /f help These commands will show you the list of commands /f create <name> /f disband <name> They serve respectively to create and eliminate a faction /f ban --> Ban a player from your faction /f kick <player> --> Kick a player from your faction /f home --> Go to faction home /f sethome --> Set home for your faction /f invite <player> --> Invite someone in your faction /f power --> Show your power /f show <name> --> Show info about a faction /f top --> Get the list of the top factions /f title <player> [title] --> Assigns a title to a member /f unclaim --> Unclaim a chunk you own /f claim --> Claim a chunk